Saturday, 19 July 2014

Why most people don't succeed online

When people are starting out there is the excitement of knowing you can succeed online, but simply knowing that it is possible is not enough so much of sacrifice and effort is required but most importantly patience. I know and i have heard of people who tell me that they give up because hey have not yet earned a dollar. Let me tell you that this type of business is very different from the fixed salaries of our day to day jobs. There is not fixed salary it solely depends on your effort and prayers. Before you decide on trying anything online look at what you're strengths are and whether they are useful to you here. When i started out online i had no idea what i was good at but i started learning that i am good at writing blogs, teaching various subjects and many more. Be prepared to learn and pretend you are back to kindergaten and you are being taught your alphabets all over again, when you start with a positive and open mind you will get far. Don't give up just yet there is so much that you can do, explore every angle that is in your reach. You cannot be good at everything but you are good at something however big or small it is explore it and you might be suprised at what you get. Check on freelancing websites like odesk and elance see what you can be good at, or you can explore. Lastly wait and good things shall come knocking on your door.

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